How much does a Medical Animation cost?

Our rate for custom 3D medical animation is $100 per second of final animation footage. Our minimum 3D animation project length is 30 seconds and costs $3,000 -$6,000. In certain cases that rate can be lower if parts of the animation are not created in 3D software. If there are multiple animations or if the animation is long, sometime flat rate negotiations are made.

Many of our clients have a narration script in mind for their custom animation.  The standard for technical narration recording is about 125 words per minute. A 200 word script would create an animation that would run approximately 1 minute and 36 seconds or 96 seconds. A cost of this animation would be about $9,600.

If you do not plan on having recorded narration, a written script is still important to estimate the length of a custom animation. Usually animations without narration run faster than a narrated animation.  A list of detailed steps will provide our animators with enough information to estimate the run time and provide you with project estimate. 

If you need assistance with writing a script please contact us or call us at 650-359-8800 free script consultation and project estimate.

I have a small budget, can I still get a custom medical animation?

Yes, we can work with your budget and combine other animations techniques including text and simple graphics to help you to achieve your goals.

Since we need to specifically assess your budget needs and your animation goals, please contact us or call us at 650-359-8800 to discuss your project.

How long does it take to make a custom medical animation?

It usually takes about 1 month for the creation of a 3D medical animation. The first one to two weeks is spent creating storyboards and a preliminary motion test and revising it with the client. The next 1 to 2 weeks is spent refining 3D models, setting up lighting, and refining the animation.

The last week is spent making final revisions and renders to deliver the finished animation.

How do you ensure the accuracy of medical device animations?

Most of our clients provide 3D CAD (computer aided design) models of their medical devices. This ensures the highest level of device modeling accuracy without any additional cost to you. We texture and restructure your CAD model as needed to create the desired functionality of your device. When 3D CAD models are unavailable or when a device in a prototyping phase, we can create your medical device from photos, physical devices, or other references.

Custom 3D device modeling is a separate fee and can be estimated at no charge when a project estimate is requested.

How much do medical illustrations cost?

Most of our illustrations cost between $500. – $1000. Depending on complexity.

We usually include 3 rounds of changes to make sure your medical illustration is exactly the way you want it.

How long does it take to create a medical illustration?

We can turn them around in as little as 2 days. 

We prefer at least 1 – 2 weeks to deliver a final medical illustration.

Will I have a perpetual, unlimited license?

Our custom medical animation fee and medical illustration fee includes a perpetual, unlimited license to use the animation, clips of the animation or illustrations in any way you desire in perpetuity. This derivative use includes use in printed materials, websites, and applications. It does not include the right to resell the animation to other parties unless negotiated. 

The Interactive Network Group is restricted from using any of your proprietary materials or procedures (for devices, etc) in any of our other animation or illustration projects.


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